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Remember the human values

Your business is based on the human values with which it was founded. Find them and you will stand out.

Anja Klemp Vilgaard |

Strategic storyteller

Do you see more than just your business?

Most businesses are run by people who focus on the good results - only a few are run by people who seek the good stories. Make a difference.

The core story is an evergreen

Your core story ensures that you spirit and values are passed on - it is inherited from the beginning and nourished by the original idea.

What is a core story?

Find the narrative which is only told by you, but which appeals to many. That is your core story.

It is all about people

Your business is nothing without its people. They are your ambassadors. Their thoughts, feelings and professionalism help shape your business profile. Arm them with great experiences and stories - and they're worth is unpayable.

Remember the magic

Remember the original, the passion and the magic, which started everything. That which ensures you are unique and not just a copy of everyone else.

Make sense and be remembered

It is easier to be remembered if you speak to the heart.

More content less form

Storytelling is all about more content and less form. Hence it goes deeper than traditional PR.

Quality wine in new bottles

Hold on to what you once were – and translate it to today!

Verbalise your values

Emphasise the values your business is built on. This creates loyal customers and employees. It's about answering the WHY, not just the 'how' and 'how much'.

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Her tilmelder du dig de ugentlige Guldkorn