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Join Us in a World of Stories

- Become Certified in One of the Most Important Leadership Tools of the Future.

Become a CCS - a Master Storyteller!

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1. What is a certification - and how do you certify?

Stories are here, there and everywhere. Not all of them are always true, and some stories tend to overpromise and do not always honour the world around them. Hence the need for a certification of the 'strategic storytelling' method, because every story is only as good as the person telling it. This is even more the case in a world influenced by AI and 'algorithmic' versions of 'storytelling'.

In our programme we focus on truth, transparency, personal integrity, and an awareness of what happens when the story meets the world around it. For better or worse, the story of who we are - in interaction with everyone else - creates the world we experience.

As a Certified Corporate Storyteller from Get Ajour ApS, you get a certificate which proves that you have learnt what it means to tell stories responsibly and constructively. You are a certified responsible storyteller who takes a strategic approach to your audience and show an important truthful slice of your world.

Get Ajour ApS has been in the market for strategic storytelling for more than ten years and has coached various companies and organisations. In our publishing house 'Get Ajour Forlag' we have published several critically acclaimed books on the subject.

We have chosen to certify our training to ensure that after completion, participants have acquired and tested their own storytelling methods to such an extent that they can apply and adapt them to their own organisation.

A certification is a "standardised test prior to receiving a certificate". Not everyone can certify - it requires a specialist or expert format and often comes after many years of 'hands on' training. A certification is a quality stamp of an education.

2. How practical is the training?

Storytelling is a practice based discipline. Therefore the skills of the method are best rooted in a practical environment with practical training with room for trial and error.

Hence, the CCS programme is highly practical and focus on everyday situations. Only module 1 in the 6-module programme focuses on the theory behind the method to build the foundation. Hereafter participants are introduced to different training paths, tools and methods for finding their own stories to help meet business needs and challenges.

3. How much time (hours) do I need to put into the programme in addition to the scheduled days?

We recognise that all students on the CCS programme have a management job and a busy everyday life. The programme is therefore structured so that it can be combined with your normal workday. Between the modules we give you time for the necessary preparation and practical training.

As with any other training, the more you train, the more skilled you get. We have organised the days so that "being prepared" means simply attending the 8 scheduled days. How many extra hours you spend is up to you - but we recommend around 3-4 additional days to get the most out of your training.

4. Who are the associated case companies for the programme?

To make the certification as realistic and educational as possible, we have asked a select group of case companies to participate. They will set an assignment, share their experiences and assess your performance.

The participating companies will present the students with a situation or problem they are facing and upon which the students should prepare a case study. The requirement for the company is that the participating manager practices storytelling in everyday life and is familiar with the benefits and challenges of the method.

The case company presents their current problem in Module 3 of the programme, after which the students are divided into groups of 2-3 people and asked to solve it.

The students get help with their work in Modules 4 and 5 - working practically and solution-oriented with the help of Get Ajour, before their presentation in Module 6 (which ends with the certification ceremony). Students will have time for a digital meeting with the case company to ask follow-up questions - and to have the opportunity to discuss theories, methods and tools learned during the programme - both with the case company and storycoach from Get Ajour ApS. The modules also include practical work with body language and presentation techniques the help the students present their findings in the best possible way.

The certification takes place on the last day of the programme, when students present their solutions to the case companies

5. Who are the other participants? Do you have to be an executive to register?

The programme is targeted at managers and people with strategic responsibility. We make this distinction to ensure a common professional starting point as well as targeted sparring, knowledge sharing and exchange of experience in the class.

Therefore, it is required that you are a manager or have managerial responsibility in order to participate in the Certified Corporate Storyteller programme. You will be able to mirror yourself in the profiles of others, but meet leaders from a wide range of different types of companies and organisations.

Feel free to contact us at info@getajour.dk if you are uncertain whether your profile fit the programme.

6. Is it more advantageous to have more managers from my organisation participating??

It is an advantage if several people from the same company participate in the programme. This will create synergies afterwards when you start working with strategic storytelling in your own organisation.

But of course it is not a necessity. If you're the only one from your company who take part in the 'Certified Corporate Storyteller' programme, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of becoming part of a strong network of like-minded people. All students and case companies are offered a membership of our alumni network, which meets annually to share knowledge, experiences and learn the latest in strategic storytelling.

The CCS Alumni Network is located at Kronborg Castle and has its own platform for dialogue and idea exchange at www.getajour.dk (password protected)

7. Where does the programme take place?

Storytelling is centred around sensory activation, so we have chosen to have the training in beautiful surroundings that exude centuries of history and countless peoples' destinies.

You will experience productive days and quiet nights at Denmark's youngest castle, - Egelund Castle in North Zealand (Hillerødvejen 92, DK-3480 Fredensborg) - packed with important Danish history and personal passions from our former Queen Louise. In addition, there are two full working days at Kronborg Castle with the world-renowned theatre HamletScenen (Kronborg nr. 16, DK-3000 Helsingør).

8. How does the alumni network work?

After completing the Certified Corporate Storyteller programme, we offer all students a place in the exclusive alumni network: CCS Alumni Network.

In the network you will have the opportunity to share knowledge with all current and former participants, teachers and case companies that have participated in the programme.

Once a year, we invite the alumni network to Kronborg Castle for an event. Here, lectures are given by national and international storytelling personalities with room for both knowledge sharing and valuable networking.

9. In which language is the training material available?

The programme is offered in both Danish and English. The first programme - starting in May 2024 - will be conducted in Danish only. Subsequently, the website, course material and teaching will be available in English.

10. How often will the training be offered?

Our next CCS programme will begin in November 2024.

The goal is to launch additional CCS programmes for managers 1-2 times a year with a follow up of 'master classes' for non-managers. These master classes will be 4 days long and contain many of the same learning modules as the CCS programme. However, it will only contain one internship and does not include certificifation.

At Get Ajour ApS' Master Class, professionals such as communication, marketing and HR consultants, salespeople, project managers and scientists will be able to participate in a programme with content and practical exercises targeted their specific profession.

11. Can I take the programme in English?

We plan to launch the programme in English in November 2024. Send us an email at anja@getajour.dk if you're interested, and we'll add you to our mailing list and inform you when we open for enrolment in English.